Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 things

i posted this on face book- figured i'd post it here too.
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. Y
ou have to tag the person who tagged you.
If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1.St. Paul is my most favorite city in the world.
2. I don't like dogs.
3. Turning 30 doesn't seem as scary as i thought it woudl be.
4. i love beer.
5. i match up my socks like a freak. i recently discovered my dad does too.
6. people ask me questions about EVERYTHING- from medical problems, baby rabbits in the parking lot, how to do things, EVERYTHING- and i usually have the answer.
7. i value my friends more than they know.
8. sometimes i'm very shy, sometimes very outgoing
9.in october, i am marrying my dream boyfriend and i've known it since the 2nd time we hung out10. I love our house.
11.I'm a liberal democrat.
12. i drink over 3 liters of water a day.
13. i love hunting for the medallion.
14. i don't mind winter.
15.I don't think i would live anywhere other than MN again.
16. I lived in CA for a year.
17. I'm an overachiver in my job.
18. I collect Nutcrackers
19. I make myself laugh every day.
20. i show people i love them by feeding them delicous food.
21. my dream job would be having a show on the food network.
22.i will never get sick of watching my cats wrestle.
23. i am glad my parents got divorced. i wouldn't trade my step families for anything.
24. i am a perfect split of my parents personalities.
25. i love documentaries.

Ten 4 good buddy

brad day 10...

well, it's clue ten, and brad's beard is nearing zztop proportions. after a futile day at harriet island, clue ten is still not telling us anything. i am waiting for 11's clue that simply reads, "don't be a homo, go to como". regardless, tomorrow we will be heading to Bruce Vento Regional trail. let me note that on clue 4 i mentioned that it probably wasn't in a "park" proper- it was probably on bruce vento trail. additionally- we refuse to believe it is in swede hollow. we were there again tonight with Klondike Kate's niece Katie and none of us think it is there- additionally- the park is very picked over. i don't know why we are avoiding that park-other than it seems to obvious and we think the writer is screwing with us.

so- here is clue ten.

Tho' hills abound, it's on level ground
A rivulet gurgles by
The answer's meshing with a beer refreshing
In the midst should seekers vie

apparently there is a warm spring running through BV trail (swede hollow has NO moving water, it's all frozen) so here is a website to help you on your way. i'm going to noodle a little more, have some more beer and watch the australian open. BTW- its 126 degree's in sydney right now...bastards....


Monday, January 26, 2009

fiddle dee dee!

One whistled Dixie so says a pixie
While another worked stern to stem
Though they never met, it's a darn good bet
Together they'll lead to the gem

we spent yesterday at harriet island. i love that park. we'll be heading back there today- to look at raspberry island (used to be called navy island and it could be considered "sweet") additionally we'll be checking out where "Belle St." runs into Water street. Belle (southern belle, whistling dixie, not doing a whole lot) is across from a small harbor filled with boats (sterm to stem). i'm kind of glad that no one has any better ideas. this is a tough hunt, and we are dealing with clue writers revenge. bastards....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It keeps going, and going...

Here are more clues!

Clue No. 6
The dankness of the vale may your spirit impale:
The setting seems oh so gloomy!
But be brave, you endless knave,
You'll find it really quite roomy.

Clue No. 7
'Neath King and Court, they once did cavort
As though living in times quite feudal
But time brings change, so it's not so strange
To see an owner walk his poodle

Clue No. 8
Saints and sinners, losers and winners
Sped by at a quickened pace
While the gangster's moll, a German doll
Once played at this star-crossed place

after clue 7, we spent the afternoon at Swede Hollow yesterday. i don't know why we keep coming back to that damn park. it was pretty amazing though the difference from last year til this year. last year Phalen Creek was flowing and although there were some frozen areas most of it was water- this year everything was frozen solid. there was also a lot more snow. last year- this was a pond with water- this year, FROZEN. :)

Today i think we are headed out to Harriet Island.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More clues!

Clue #2
Tramping hill and dell, you may hear tell
About the contests waged of yore
Much of the history remains a mystery
Which we hope to bring to the fore

Clue #3
All we see was done naturally
Water and ice are here
In this harbor of impressive arbor
Approach and have no fear

Clue# 4
Even those in detention during our recent convention,
Heard a politically hip chick
Is it a pig or pit bull, it was argued most fitful,
That looks more lovely in lipstick?

Clue #5
It takes all sorts to come and play sports
In this sweet land of fun and frolic
With bower enclosed and beasts exposed
You're bound to lose your colic

where are we at? who knows! we like swede hollow, battle creek, and i really like bruce vento regional trail....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's ba-ack!

Clue #1

Oh great King Boreas, make winter glorious:
Unleash the medallion quest!
We'll be up front: We devote the hunt
To Box, our friend, now at rest

Quick thoughts: in a box, Don, front ave. that's all we got. tune in tomorrow for the next clue. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

We're Engaged!

It's been a while since i've posted everything. so first and foremost, i am happy to announce that on October 4th at the apple orchard, Boyfriend proposed. it was very sweet and he was very nervous. :)
here are the pictures from that day:
Wow he looks happy! he was so nervous he was violently shaking even after i said yes.

Some random guy took this picture for us right after we got engaged.

After we got engaged, we went to the pumpkin patch and picked our own pumpkins.

We then went home and celebrated like no tomorow. we texted and called everyone we love and drank WAY TOO many glasses of wine. :) The kitties were happy too:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

as promised

I love this picture of Sebastian in my borealis yarn bag. :)

Our country tis of thee.....

I was going to try to avoid blogging about the election. Anyone who knows me- knows where I stand in the political spectrum- but I think I just need to get some things off my chest. so this is my rant about the current state of our country and the hope that I see for the future. when I'm done, my next post will be pictures of kitties- don't want things to be too serious around here!

I love September. It is the gateway to fall. The month where you start curling up in your comforter instead of kicking it off. September hosts the autumnal equinox, and the first changing of our beautiful Minnesota leaves. Following August- the month of sweating, swearing, air conditioning and all consuming misery, September blooms like the sun on the horizon. I start to feel the vibrating hum of September's energy in late August. I begin dreaming of apples and pumpkins, of falling leaves and wearing sweaters. Once the weather cools and the days begin to shorten, I feel more alive than any other time of the year. I feel rejuvenated the same way some people feel after a long winter. Summer is my hell, and Autumn is my salvation. I bring all of this up to say that this year- I got nothing. I've had a few butterflies in my stomach during a cool rainy Saturday, but over all my autumn bliss has been missing. What I have finally determined after the past few weeks as I have pondered my lackluster excitement for my favorite time of year, is that the problem is not the weather, its not the 80 degree weather, it's not the lack of trips to the apple orchard, or the fact that my leaf garland is burnt out. It's the state of our country.

I know it sounds ridiculous. I know it sounds like I making an issue out of nothing, but in reality- in the last week alone, I have had 4 friends tell me that they are depressed, they are angry and they can't shake the funk that they are in. I used to watch the news religiously. Every night at 6 and again at 10. I can't anymore. Our country is making me depressed. I am sad that there are people out there that actually contemplating voting for McCain. I am sad that the majority of my friends work in finance, and we are on the eve of the greatest economic failure our country has seen since 1929. I am sad that the dream of home ownership is slipping further and further away for people in part due to business practices that I was a part of. I'm also sad that although Boyfriend and I have decent paying jobs, and very little debt- we will still be having a stay at home weekend.

Are we spending money differently then when we first moved in together? Nope, we actually have less bills. Hmm, do our jobs pay us less? nope, we're making a lot more. What has changed? Gas Prices. Food Prices. Huge Increases. After Bush was re-elected, I had a bumper sticker in my cube, which read "I live in a blue state" this statement cleared me of all blame for what was going to coming the next four years. Unfortunately, even though I know Bush isn't my fault i still have to live here. which brings me to our $700 billion dollar bail out. first let me wrap my head around this number. there are 6.7 billion people in the world. with that type of money, our government could give every person living at this moment $104- which i am sure would feed starving people in a third world country for quite a while. the population of the US is 305,247,000- which means every man woman and child could be given $2,293.25. now granted- it isn't a HUGE amount of money- not like winning the lottery- but if people used that money to pay their bills to their failing financial institutions, wouldn't everyone be better off? what about a coupon system where we don't even need the physical cash, but we can mail our coupons into our mortgage company and they redeem them from the government- obviously this would never work. as incompetent and inefficient as our government is run- it would just create more problems.

Luckily, all of that being said- we are at a point where we can change things. we can stop the direction our government is headed in. we can end the war which has drained our social security, and ruined our economy. i realize i am simplifying things, but i can not understand for the life of me why anyone would want to continue down the path we are on. Why would we elect someone who has voted with George Bush on more times than not? Why would we elect a man who obviously has no idea what it is like down here in the real world. Do you know how many houses you own? what about the fact that McCain has experienced the horrors of war. I have nothing bad to say regarding his history in the military or the things he has been through- but personally, I'd like to think had that been my experience, i would do everything within my power to prevent another human from experiencing that same hell. But McCain vows to stay in Iraq as long as it takes.

When Boyfriend and I went to the Obama rally at the Xcel Center, i felt hope. I believe that Obama can bring the change that our country needs. I felt for a brief second that i could be proud of the country i live in, with him at the helm. After years of "freedom fries" "evil doer's" and Bush's "we got ourselves a group of folks" aka the Taliban- i finally felt like i could settle into the same pride that rednecks and right-wingers everywhere have felt for the last 8 years. From the beginning, Obama has been a speaker of change. McCain and other opponents attacked this idea. now McCain, realizing he needs to separate himself from Bush is preaching the same thing and has coined himself as the "original Maverick" I'm assuming that is solely referring to his brief stint in the Old West as a Deputy, circa 1843. There is nothing original or maverick about John McCain and frankly i am really freaking sick of the cowboy shoot'em up lingo we have been subjected to for the last 8 years.

what am i getting at? I'm really just rambling, but i do not believe that a 72 year old, bad tempered, Bush supporting, pro-war, alternate reality living John McCain is the future of our country. it is time for my generation to step up to the plate and take this country for our own. our country is on the verge of collapsing and i want a leader in office who can relate to me and my family and make the right decisions for the next 4 years.

*steps off soap box*

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

RIP Tim Russert

Thank you Tim Russert for the knowledge and insight you have passed on to all of us.
I would not consider myself as politically savy as I am, had it not been for watching you on Meet the Press for the past 10 years. You are one weird crush I will never forget.
May 7, 1950-June 13, 2008

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Last but not least!

This is what i have been working on for the last two weekends.

Before & After

The new color is pumpkin patch. the old color was pink painted over with grey- which was neither purple, grey or brown. i hated it. i have no idea what the previous owners were thinking. we also got new towel racks, toilet paper holder and replaced the ugly light box with a new light fixture. we like it! the room seems bigger and it adds some brightness our hallway.

Spring is Here!

Last week, i opened up the front door to let the warm 45 degree weather in. afraid that Black bastard was going to bust through the scream by hanging on it i set up stools, one for each kitty to look outside and sniff the fresh air.

yeah, they ran around like idiots for the next hour. FRESH AIR!!!!!

Gigantor's Easter Miracle!!!

For years and years and years, my mom has owned Gigantor. Gigantor is the biggest Christmas Cactus on the face of the planet. We think he's older than me- but he's so old no one really remembers. Gigantor has babies all over Minnesota and Wisconsin. Anyhow...the best thing about Gigantor, is that he blooms flowers at Christmas (hence the name of his Flora) but also at Easter. I was really scared of inheriting Gigantor when they moved. i didn't want to kill him, and i didn't want the cats to eat him.
After having Gigantor for one month, i saw this- one week before Easter. :)

He only got one bloom, but i am just relieved that he likes me and is content in this house.

Bon Voyage!

My parents recently moved to the Milwaukee area. We had a going away party for them. Due to the fact they are WAY too close to Green Bay, home of the Packers, we had a Packers Immunization Party. Here is part of the invite. Everything was Vikings themed.
As happy as we are that they have been reunited,
a dark, new fear looms on the horizon.

Not one of long road trips, or phone calls in place of hugs,
but the close proximity to Green Bay.

We need to prepare our loved ones for their journey.
They are pilgrims in an unholy land.
We must give them the strength to fend off
cheese heads and rabid Favre fans.

No parent of mine will ever sport green and gold.
It was a nice party. Everyone they wanted to see- actually everyone invited showed up. here are some pictures.
The Table.
Some of our guests grubbing on BBQ Beef, Chips and....
In the middle, Betsy- Creator of the DELICIOUS Rosemary Rollups, and the 50,000 cupcakes. :)
It was also Sebastian's 8th Birthday. He didn't have any interest in his cupcake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thoughts of Oldness

Well, i turned 29 last week. it was kind of a rough birthday. it was actually a good birthday, but it is scary to think how close 30 is. i don't think i would ever chose to go back a year or two or ten, but at the same time, i guess i never really thought i would be 29.

i was just sending my grandma an e-mail- she's cool like that! i was thinking back to when i used to write her letters when i was a kid and she would always make comments in my return letters about how she couldn't believe my teachers would let me write in print instead of cursive. letter after letter, she would ask if i had learned cursive and why i didn't use it.

thinking about it- all old people write the same- they have basically the same script handwriting. i guess as time has progressed, we have lost that. i think i could write fairly well in cursive in like 4th grade, but now i'm pretty sure my "cursive" handwriting would look the same as it did then- like a 4th grader wrote it. so where am i going with all of this??

as i was typing the e-mail- i realized how much i am slacking on my uppercase letters. i wondered if grandma would notice, and if she would think i was slacking again. at work i mostly type casual e-mails and put quick notes in our computer system. the majority of notes in FC8 are abbreviated which only adds to the laziness. Equipment becomes equip (i don't even put a period to show abbreviation. Received becomes recvd. not to mention all of the leasing terms.
every job i have worked at has different abbreviations for different words and procedures too. i think back to when my step brother came back from boot camp and spoke in nothing but acronyms, "i was down at the CMH standing in line for my LOR when my L3C came up to me and asked about my MFP's." WTF??? no idea what he was saying. so now in my life filled with TRAC's FMV's APR's UCC's and LP Options, i think of the recent mobile phone commercials when parents and kids are speaking in text. IDK my BFF Jill?

so what i am getting to is this. some day in the apparently not to distant future (29 years has gone by in a flash...) will my grandchild be sending me EPM's (Electronic Psychic Messages) to which i will respond- don't you use e-mails anymore? do you even own a sheet of paper and a pen?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bad Luck

My Dad & Stepmothers duplex burnt down for the 2nd time in a year. My step sister and her boyfriend were living there this time. check out the video of my dad on the news, and the related articles. crazy shit.



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I love YOU!
Mmmmmmm, Valentines Day Cheesecake....

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Final Medallion Post

Clues, Pioneer Press Clue Writers explanations, and my responses. Enjoy!

Treasure Hunt clues explained
Here are the 12 clues our clue writers created for this year's medallion hunt along with explanations of their meanings.
Clue 1
You've joined the hunt for the regal runt

To prove searching does pay
Don't dig a hole or knock down a pole
And the golf course is out of play

Last year Jake took home the cake
With a clue a bit off level
This year we'll rinse off all our prints
Lest this hunt go to the devil

CW Explanation: We advise hunters not to dig or knock down anything, and to stay off golf courses. We refer to the hunter who found the medallion after the second clue last year, the fastest on record. He said he deduced "Cleveland" Avenue from the word "level," then followed our footprints to the prize. This year we vow to keep the hunt from going to the devil by making it more challenging and not leaving telltale footprints behind.

My Response: First off- let's try for some consistency in the explanations- #1. Wouldn't it make sense to have the WHOLE clue italicized instead of just the first stanza? It's called proof reading- I would like to think that newspapers do this…. #2. Last year Jake found the puck after THREE Clues. PP it's your hunt, your archives, I'd think that you would have done some fact checking- it took me two minutes to get this off your damn website (see below). Clue writer, I'd like to call YOU the devil- but I honestly think the devil is much more clever than you, and comparing you to him would be too much of a compliment.

St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) - January 24, 2007 - B1 LocalTHAT WAS FAST WITH JUST 3 CLUES -- AND A LITTLE HELP -- DEDICATED HUNTER FINDS MEDALLION It was bound to happen. A dedicated -- some would say obsessed -- treasure hunter, Jake Ingebrigtson set a record for finding the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt medallion with fewer clues than anyone in the 56-year history of the event. The 27-year-old set out to find the medallion this year as he has for the past decade: cocksure and ready to dig. Months earlier, he'd scoped out Hidden Falls Regional Park, a wooded area tucked below the Ford plant on Mississippi River Boulevard....

Clue 2
The point of all this is so that you won't miss

Your big chance to grab all the cash
Now gather your guys and a gal who is wise
You'll have to do something quite rash

Explanation: This is a reference to the proximity of Point Douglas Road to Indian Mounds Park, where the medallion was hidden. "Guys and wise gal" refer indirectly to the Order of the Eastern Star, a male-and-female fraternal organization that is an offshoot of the Masons, and which planted a star-shaped "Matron's Grove" of trees at Indian Mounds Park. A "rash" often accompanies a burn -- an indirect allusion to Burns Avenue near the park.

My Response: If I remember correctly, fraternities and fraternal organizations ARE NOT known for their intelligence. Have you seen Animal House? Or heard rumors of what masons make people do for initiation? To roughly quote my friend Amy from a conversation yesterday- "Lock them naked in a coffin and make them drink bad gin." I would be a little bit more sold on their "wisdom" if George Bush wasn't a free mason (or as he would say Wisdomness). Next, I would have thought the CW would come up with something clever pointing us to Matrons Grove, but no one has ever heard of it anyhow so it doesn’t really matter…Lastly, I’ve been burned many times over the course of my life. I’ve been sunburned more times than I can count. I have burned my hand on a light bulb and gotten my arm stuck in a hot oven- but I have NEVER I repeat NEVER gotten a rash along with my burn. I have had heat rash before, but that isn't a BURN. Idiots.

Clue 3
We've scanned the county to hide our bounty

And keep you on your toes
It may sound risible, but our puck's invisible
Although it might just stick to your nose.

Explanation: Hunters must be on their toes because we've hid it in hilly territory which we scanned from the top of a hill in the park. "Invisible" and "stick to your nose" refers to the "invisible tape" box in which the medallion is hidden.
My Response: if you are standing on a hill- looking down, why would you need to stand on your toes??? The invisible tape thing is the most logical thing I've read so far- but I’m still angry.

Clue 4
How fun is the snow how far will we go

You really ought to go see
Get up for the mission and not just the wishin'
Get into the game - it's all free

Explanation: Pretty darn obscure: "Game" is a reference to Obbs Sports Bar across the street from the park. Really obscure: "Far" and "go" are a reference to Wells Fargo Place downtown, which is visible from Indian Mounds Park.

My Response: Obscure? You think???? Because I know that I INSTANTLY thought of Obbs Sports Bar, not to mention their FREE beverages. Wells Fargo- WTF, I could name 6 other parks that you can see the Wells Building from, not to mention I bet every other park in St. Paul is less than a mile from a branch.

Clue 5
There once was a clue that drove you-know-who

To threaten a heinous act
We'd use it again, but we're afraid of his pen
My friend, that's an unfortunate fact

Explanation: This is a reference to a certain newspaper columnist who freaked out several hunts ago. He took issue with a clue referring obliquely to the location of a French immersion school - which is now at Parkway School, not far from Indian Mounds Park. The Pioneer Press had a short article about a play at the school called "Kaposia,'' which debuted during this year's hunt. The play dealt with the Native American community that once thrived at Indian Mounds Park.

My Response: The French immersion school is midway between Phalen and Indian Mounds- if I were to use their logic- nothing is really that far from any of the clues. Which is probably what they were thinking when they sent us on a wild goose chase around St Paul. New Brighton isn't far from any of these parks, and is really close to say…Burnsville. K-A-P-O-S-I-A. As a South St. Paul girl- their explanation of this clue left me stumped. I did a little google research and found out that prior to living in SSP/WSP the Kaposia had been in St. Paul in a number of different locations. They lived near Lake Phalen, and below Mounds Park in a swamp. I could be wrong, or possibly the parent who wrote Kaposia was, but in our very next clue- the CW mentions who built the mounds- and it wasn't the Kaposia. By the way- the article about the play states that it is about Native American's who lived in MN- it mentions NOTHING about Mounds Park.
Clue 6
All ye who look should honor the book

As one who stood for hope
Much was built in the name of the kilt
Look sharp now and never mope

Explanation: Calling all history buffs: Edward Duffield Neill was the first to conduct excavations at Indian Mounds Park. He was a Presbyterian minister and educator ("ye," "honor the book") who had been a presidential aide to Abraham Lincoln. In Minnesota, he founded Macalester College and the House of Hope Presbyterian Church ("hope.") These are two St. Paul institutions that honor the Scottish traditions ("kilt.") The word "hope" also invokes the Hopewell Indians, the ancient tribe that built the mounds.

My Response: Umm, seriously? I don't even have a response to how completely asinine this clue is.

Clue 7
If you should go look high then low

One could see it from a bower
If it's your bent you might seek a tent
To protect in case of shower

Explanation: The tent refers to the Indians who lived on the site of Indian Mounds Park. "High then low" refers to the hilly terrain where the medallion is hidden.

My Response: Yes, Indians lived in tents. Yes, Indians lived on the site of Mounds Park. But they aren't there anymore- so if it rains, I guess I am shit out of luck. Thank god I spent time researching the multiple meanings of the word bower, it'll come in handy when I am trying to outsmart my word of the day calendar.

Take note of the wood and do what you should

To extract the prize for yourself
Build a bridge to your dreams as high as they seem
Leave nothing behind on the shelf

Explanation: Another reference to the woods in the area in which it is hidden and to the bridge that crosses Warner Road from Mounds Park. The "shelf" refers to the side of the hill where the medallion is hidden.

My Response: It is all so clear now!!! I tell you what though- if any bridge coming from Mounds Park is the bridge of my dreams, I really need to re-evaluate my life's goals.
Clue 8
Look at the buck to acquire good luckI

n finding the grail this year
Link a jar, a line, a star lawyer divine
While crying in your beer

Explanation: There are deer in Indian Mounds Park. Jar, line and star lawyer refer to the word "Mason,'' a reference to the Masonic memorial in Mounds Park. There is also a reference to the beverage enjoyed at Obbs sports bar.

My Response: Deer?!? DEER?!?!?! Not only are there deer in EVERY SINGLE PARK in St. Paul- but you probably can't look at the buck if there aren't any deer permanently chained down in the park. I have been to Mounds dozens of times over the last 20 years, during every time of day, and have NEVER, I repeat NEVER seen a deer. We got the Masons reference, but again- vagueness!!! I'm not even going to revisit the line which made me momentarily hate beer.

He won, then lost and the nation was tossed
Into strife that was far from civil
The point I'm making is yours for the taking
Believe me - not the message board drivel

Explanation: Another reference to Point Douglas Road, located near the park, which was named after Stephen A. Douglas, who defeated Abraham Lincoln in the 1858 U.S. Senate race but lost to him for the presidency two years later. The Civil War followed shortly after the election. We also refer to the many message boards purporting to know where the medallion was hidden.

My Response: I feel this is a clever and acceptable clue.

Clue 9
This name brings tears, elation and cheers

And occasionally even outrages
It sits on walls and rides the halls
And fills a dozen pages

Explanation: The name is "Johnson," filling 12 pages in the telephone book. Johnson Parkway ends at Indian Mounds Park. There is also a bench at the park ("sits") named for a Minnesota "Johnson."

My Response: Considering my boyfriend is a Johnson and he's made me cry, made me happy and we've toasted many times, this clue should have been blatantly obvious. But it is seriously lacking. Other than my personal experience, what part of the first three lines actually pertains to Johnson Pkwy? I like the dozen pages- it is very clever, but who uses the phone book anymore? It's called Dexonline.com.

The hills are alive and you'll have arrived
Refrain from the very injurious
Be bold and be brave but your skin you must save
What's off-limits should frankly be obvious

Explanation: Another reference to the hills and potentially dangerous terrain in the area where it is hidden; "brave" is an Indian term. The "frankly obvious" area that is off-limits is the area of the ancient mounds themselves.

My Response: Let me go on record and state that I don't really feel like Mounds is HILLY. Other than the mounds themselves, there are very long slopes- the park from west to east is on very different elevation- but for the most part, it is flat park and the cliff- if that is a hill then I guess I'll have to take your word for it.

Clue 10
Look for the sight you hope is just right

You're doubtful and you're torn
Make the rounds for what rhymes with grounds
And part of a rose with a horn

Through flames and flow this park where you'll go
Is the site of sacred relics
Stay away from these and the cliffs if you please
Or you'll be in a heckuva fix

Explanation: Both stanzas clearly point to "Mounds" park, rhyming with "grounds,'' and to the "horn" of a rose, referring to nearby Thorn Street. We tell people to stay away from "sacred relics" - the actual Indian mounds - and from the cliffs. "Flames" refer to Burns and "flow" to Etna, two streets near the park.

My Response: Dear Clue Writer, Up until this point, you have made us noodle that fraternities are known for their knowledge, that mounds park has deer, that the name Johnson brings tears, elation and cheers, and that the bridge of my dreams is built on an east side park. After putting me through all of that, you are finally going to reveal the location by RHYMING??? Again this proves that you have the mental capability of a 5 year old. Can anyone tell me what rhymes with HICK? By the way, this clue made me so incredibly angry AND crabby that I didn't talk to my boyfriend for 10 hours. Home wrecker!!!

Clue 11
(This clue, released in the early edition of the newspaper at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, led to the discovery of the medallion about midnight.)
Air and river sounds lead all to Mounds

Far from the graves take your entourage'
Twixt Burns and Thorn an icy pathway is born
Across Mounds from a gray house and tan garage

Hell no fury hath as those on the wrong path
Mounds and Warner form a woodsy perimeter
The path, not official, contains footprints beneficial
Some 300 trudges in - not a quest for a quitter

This trail you must follow goes down a narrow hollow
Under a fallen tree to an old rusted
here you must search for a hillside path perch
Wherein lies the center of fun

Explanation: These stanzas get the hunters into the area where the medallion is hidden in Indian Mounds Park. Between Burns and Thorn street, across Mounds Boulevard from a house-and-garage, begins an icy path worn by many footprints. It goes through a narrow hollow or creek bed, under a fallen tree, to an old rusted drum. We counted 300 steps from the street to the drum. We encourage hunters to look for a "hillside path perch" in this area -- on a hillside, near a path -- but we did not give the exact location.

My response: This clue tells me that A. you have not done this before, and B. you like to ruin people's lives. Show me in medallion history where clue #11 gives you the number of paces to the medallion. You don't give the exact location my ass. Were you getting bored with writing clues at this point? Jerks.

Clue 12
(This clue was scheduled to run in the newspaper on Thursday, Jan. 31)
Your blood will coagulate whilst you triangulate

From the drum at the heart of it all
A slope nearby you will espy
Fifty steps up the hill - careful, don't fall

Near a hollowed half-tree a fallen limb you will see

The cover for our precious goods
Across the path from the half-tree lift the limb and you'll see
There's gold in them thar' woods
Quick like a fox see the blue-and
-white box

Away you casually sidleInside is the prize, two-domed and super-sized
Congratulations - you're our Minnesota Idol

Explanation: This identifies the exact spot where the medallion is located. It is close to a "hollowed half-tree" - a split trunk that is a marker for our treasure. Across the icy path from this half-tree are some dead limbs on the ground. The treasure is under one of them. It is in a blue-and-white box of 3M invisible tape. The marker tree is about 50 steps up the hill from the rusted drum.

Kari's Response: I can only thank god that I didn't have to read this piece of crap clue in the paper.

Pictures of Swede Hollow

Searching Swede Hollow will remain one of my favorite hunt memories. it was peaceful and serene. here are a few pics from that day. :)

The plaque in the upper part of the park, where the Hamm Mansion once stood.

GIANT WALLS surrounding one side of the park. you can see boyfriend in the center digging for the puck.

The Old Hamm Brewery. When we got closer, you could smell the fire left over from the most recent blaze in 2004 (not sure on the year, i just remember i was living with Josh).
We thought that this rock formation at the beginning of the creek running through SH was what the clue writer was refering to as "leave nothing behind on a shelf". a very nice older lady spent an hour digging out the "shelves". I talked to her a couple of times during the course of the day. she was a trouper!!!

A view from the south end of the park.

My own dead tree picture. maybe i will frame it. :)

Pics and final clue thoughts

Is it at Phalen Park?

Bundling up!

I can never take pictures of ourselves.
Is it under this tree?

Warming up in the car.

Study those clues.Monument to the 1986 Ice Palace. i think i went to this when i was 7.

Thinking about the clues.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clues 9 & 10

i thought i was really far behind on updating, then i realized that it just FEELS like time is standing still. it actually isn't. :) Now it is a few days later and i just realized i never actually posted this.

here are the two most recent clues-

Clue #9
This name brings tears, elation and cheers
And occasionally even outrages
It sits on walls and rides the halls
And fills a dozen pages

The hills are alive and you'll have arrived
Refrain from the very injurious
Be bold and be brave but your skin you must save
What's off-limits should frankly be obvious

Clue No. 10
Look for the sight you hope is just right
You're doubtful and you're torn
Make the rounds for what rhymes with grounds

And part of a rose with a horn
Through flames and flow this park where you'll go
Is the site of sacred relics
Stay away from these and the cliffs if you please
Or you'll be in a heckuva fix

My GOD. what a roller coaster the last two days have been. i honestly don't know where things end and other things begin. so sunday night- we had our revelation- our moment of genius- the moment when all time stood still. we pulled everything together. The answer we had been looking for laid in swede hollow. all the clues fit. from the 3M references to "sitting on walls and riding halls" even down to the 3m manufactured game "Aquired". as we researched Swede Hollow history i was fascinated by the community that a city forgot. i was especially touched by a excerpt from a documentary where a man who had lived down there growing up. he was reminiscing about living there, and later in life- he found out that Swede Hollow had officially been deemed a slum in 1933- he realized he was living down there at that time and was shocked to hear that- as they always had fun, and things were always provided for. kids ran in groups and played, parents watched everyones kids. There was a whole community living in shanties under huge mansions on Daytons bluff. in 1956, the remaining 16 families living in swedes hollow were evicted and the shanties were burnt to the ground

Yesterday, we spent 8 hours at swede hollow. it was a beautiful day, and an amazing park. it was calm and silent. it was a picturesque day. peaceful. there were about 30 people in the park through out the day hunting with us.